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domodel-diary: A modest password protected diary application

domodel-diary is a simple and easy-to-use diary application.



  • Calendar
  • Daily notes encrypted using AES
  • Password Protected

How it works

Login page

Pick a password and hit enter. It will be used to encrypt your notes and will be asked whenever the application launches.

authentication screenshot


You can add any note for any days of any years. It does not have to be in the present, they can be added both in the past, present and future.

Clicking the left and right arrow icon will cycle the month forward and backward. You can also change the year to any number you would like.

calendar screenshot


You can post your note by clicking the disk icon or exit by clicking the red cross icon. If you decide to exit the editor, what you wrote will be saved an available next time your re-open the editor.

editor screenshot

Your note will then appear just below the calendar.

notes screenshot


You can logout, export or import your list using the settings menu:

settings screenshot

Install it

Also available on:

English badge

Get it from the Snap Store

It will soon be available on F-Droid. Please download the APK from the release page of the Github repository.

Source code


Don’t snuff it out, yet!


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