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Anime Twist Premium (ATP)

A convenient browser extension for twist.moe.


It adds a watch list to twist.moe making it possible to track the shows you’re currently watching:

Another great thing is that you can lookup anime on anidb, myanimelist, kitsu and anilist:


How it works

Adding an anime to your watchlist

Navigate to the page of the anime of your choice.

There you will be able to see that a new “+” button appeared below the video player:


Acessing your watch list

Next to the settings button or chat button you will see a new button:


When clicked, a popup will appear:


That’s it, you now have easy access to the shows you’re watching and can look them up.

Bonus (v1.4)


It’s available on Chrome and Firefox:

Source code is available at:

I might be adding more crazy features in the near future so…

akihito-san Stay tuned!